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    Electric Vehicles — Are you ready for an electric vehicle?  We talk to Dr. Mike Nicholas of UC Davis to find out.

Hydrogen Pt. 2

Hydrogen — Are hydrogen and electric vehicles in competition with one another? Does hydrogen technology even matter?

Autonomous Vehicles — Are autonomous vehicles going to revolutionize the transportation system?

Biofuel — Are biofuels good for the climate?

Trump Climate Policy — Trump presidency: how bad is it?

Zero Net Energy — Zero Net Energy -- can your building be self-sufficient?

Power of Radio — How powerful is radio?

Groundwater — Groundwater -- are we running out of it and what does it mean for California?

Energy Transitions — Does a growing economy need more energy?

Biomethane — Biomethane -- is that actually a thing?

Changing Infrastructure — What's happening to our infrastructure in response to climate change?

Energy Storage — Is energy storage necessary?

Aviation — Drones -- will the FAA be able to deal with them?

Disruption — Disruption: Silicon Valley buzzword, or does it actually mean something?

Alberta Fires — Is there a link between climate change and fires?

Politics part 2 — Are you an energy voter? Is there anyone worth voting for?

Politics part 1 — What's driven energy policy of bygone years? Spoiler: it rhymes with independence.

The Agriculture-Energy-Climate nexus — Are we headed for a Malthusian catastrophe?

Development — Does the rest of the world need energy? How many dinos will have to die?

Geoengineering — What does it take to engineer a planet?

Energy Education — Does anyone know anything about energy and climate change?

Rail — High Speed Rail, dead or alive?

Charismatic Megafauna — Are Polar Bears the cutest, bestest animal ever?

Travel Demand — Travel Demand Management -- are people trying to take away our cars?

Nuclear Energy — Nuclear -- the only way to address GHG emissions?